Hrothgar IV: Skald's Song

Created by Hrothgar's Hoard

Hrothgar IV: Skald's Song
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50 backers pledged $4,024.00 on Kickstarter

Hrothgar returns with its fourth project. Skald's Song introduces two new storage solutions for your games. Quality Hardwoods...Always

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$4,024.00 / 50 backers
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$1,498.00 / 53 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: January 2016


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If you did not get in during the project start and have come to the project as a "Pre-Order", you... more »


Uploads 2f1acd5d6332004db89a8b98bd5fbe366a 2fopaque 20dice legacy square thumb
Chessex opaque dice. Images of available dice can be seen at: more »
Uploads 2ff1e376ac54827b1a858dfd2dcd9a6b9a 2fspeckled 20dice legacy square thumb
Chessex specked dice. For pictures of those available, see more »
Uploads 2fde8c92074d120f374c4bfe4ee17d60a2 2ftranslucent 20dice legacy square thumb
Chessex translucent dice. See for color e... more »
Uploads 2f3563a7094f795c6bbfcf7361e63425ea 2fscarab 20dice legacy square thumb
Chessex brand Scarab dice


Uploads 2f8c637b8a6515a2bb5457f631160fc4bd 2fimg 2394 5b1 5d legacy square thumb
MONK dice foam insert
This foam insert will hold one set of dice, giving them the comfort and protection of foam on all... more »
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Pick-n-Pack foam insert
Want to configure your own foam or need replacement foam? The pick-n-pack foam insert is a set of... more »
Uploads 2f2917161af7daaee8b53ca1c3b04f936e 2fimg 2396 5b1 5d legacy square thumb
MONK Ring case foam insert
Maybe you want to use your MONNK case as a jewelry box or give this as a gift to someone special.... more »
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BARD fitted Pick-n-Pack Foam
Want Pick-n-Pack foam for your BARD so you can selectively fit your minis and dice within? Not a ... more »
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BARD Card case foam cutout
Looking for that special case to house your deck of cards in? The card case foam cut out is sized... more »


Uploads 2fdc3e7c50bedfd6a31ed9640d9b57c6fe 2fclassic 20pen legacy square thumb
Impress your colleagues with an elegant handmade reproduction of a very popular Parker 1920 s pen... more »
Uploads 2f97aafd3b7c2287a425c2f314e616e65e 2fceltic 20pen legacy square thumb
The pen features intricate Celtic Knot scrollwork on the tip, clip and end as well as an emerald ... more »
Uploads 2fb3e407b9414696bcc66d3e3d8c589b1b 2fdragon 20pen 202 legacy square thumb
This dramatic and beautifully sculpted pen makes the perfect gift for any Dragon lover. Great att... more »
Uploads 2fb3908b266332929f3eb24fac3f86fa49 2fknights 20armor 20pen legacy square thumb
Here is the perfect gift to conjure up the knights, soldiers and kings of medieval history and th... more »
Uploads 2fee06ae1ee0ad8f91c3c12851bc82b458 2fphoenix 20rising legacy square thumb
The phoenix is a sacred firebird said to have beautiful feathers of gold and red. Its story has r... more »
Uploads 2f5b19c62ed8a8e22a1fb1fd7bc37f4b14 2fskull 20key legacy square thumb
This classically designed pen is based on the idea of a skeleton key - used for over two thousand... more »
Uploads 2f33c9a731d21603078f1062d6cbff3fbd 2fsteampunk 20pen legacy square thumb
Here is a pen straight out of Victorian science fiction and the industrialized 19th century. The ... more »
Uploads 2f653b787884f24fc320403539c3b0930b 2fvictorian 20pens legacy square thumb
Inspired by the European Baroque sensibility, this pen incorporates a profusion of intricately ca... more »


Uploads 2fcc10be9bc3b8eaab36edaea60b0c3d6e 2fimg 2245 legacy square thumb
The Monk case is a hexagonal dice case capable of holding up to two sets of dice or one set and a... more »
Uploads 2fd6ff3f602c8f278dbe8297e277429273 2fimg 2251 legacy square thumb
The BARD case is a multi-purpose case. It will hold three miniatures and a set of dice (or other ... more »
Uploads 2fd168f8d1e4b277e45220b1bec65d14f6 2frogue 20cases legacy square thumb
The ROGUE case will hold approximately 10 miniatures. It is made with solid wood construction and... more »
Uploads 2ff8ae8c31a1e238ae375e82e684bc7743 2fpriest 20cases legacy square thumb
The PRIEST case measures 6" x 12" and can hold about 25 standard size miniatures. You can choose... more »
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WIZARD Dice Tower
The WIZARD dice tower is Hrothgar's Hoard's premier dice randomizer. The two randomizing arms ens... more »

Learn About Our Project:

Premium Bonuses!

While the project has not hit the heights that I had hoped, thus unlocking some bonuses for PREMIUM backers, I still want to offer a few rewards to those who are backing me for more than $100. So, here is the list of options that PREMIUM backers will have:

  • Free set of dice: Everyone always needs dice. It doesn't matter how many dice you have, you still need more. Every backer at the PREMIUM level will receive 1 set of Opaque Chessex Dice. You can choose the color on the final survey. Take a look at their selection here:
  • Misfit bundle add-on: When an item doesn't meet my standards, it gets put in the misfit pile. A bundle will include 1 WIZARD Tower, 1 miniature case (usually ROGUE, but there may be some BARDs  in this batch) and 1 dice case (could be the standard dice case or a MONK). These items are chosen at random, so there is no telling what wood you get, but all items will be functional, if flawed. I'll have a tier for domestic woods and (maybe) a tier for exotic woods. Domestic woods are a $60 add-on. Exotic woods...well...I'll have to see what I have and figure out a price...there will be a very limited number of exotics available. If any bundles are left over after the project ends they will be put on my webpage as a special offer, but will also have a shipping charge added to it.
  • Wood Dice add-on: PREMIUM level backers will be able to order pairs of hand made wooden dice. These dice are made by someone I met at Gen Con this year. I'm going to hold off on more details on this because I want to confirm everything with him first.
  • WIZARD Tower pouch: to any PREMIUM level backer who adds on a WIZARD Tower, you will also receive a large felt pouch to store your tower in. These have the Hrothgar's Hoard logo etched into them and give you ample room to store your Tower or just a crap-load of dice.

New Unlocks

OK...I'm throwing out the list of unlocks. This project didn't get the traction that I was hoping for, but that is no reason why you, the backers, can't get a good selection of wood. So, forget the unlock map; I've removed it. Forget having to get more backers, or FB friends, or $$$. I wanted to offer at least one wood from each tier, and I wanted to bring back some of the most popular woods from past projects. If you don't see a wood on the list but want it, post it in the comments section and I'll let you know the odds of me getting it.

So here is the list of woods available:

Current Reviews

 I've sent the cases out for review and I will post the reviews of them as I receive them. Here is the link to the first:

The guys at Kicking the Table gave a few seconds to Hrothgar's Hoard on their podcast. Go to about 35:35 on episode 57 at:

Saving Throw gave me a little shout out on their show. Take a look at Episode 7:

 I have another set out for review, but I think the odds of it coming in before the project is over is pretty slim.

New Felt options

With 200 Facebook friends reached, I am opening up some new colors for felt options in the Bard case. You can choose from the standard green, or from black, burgundy, or dark blue. Here is a photo of the choices.

In addition, there will be a suede option. Below is a photo of brown suede. It will be applied over top of a layer of thin foam.

Tomorrow I'll grab a misfit and put the suede in to give you an idea of how it looks in a case.

Flocking available

I have experimented with some flocking and like the results. Below is a picture of a BARD case that has been ummm....flocked?

Color available is red. Cost to flock a case (BARD or MONK) IS $10.

New Images

I wanted to get these up before I left for Con on the Cob. Here are some images of pictures burned on MONK cases.

Celtic images
Celtic images

Above are the celtic images. All of the cases are cherry except for the center one which is curly maple. I really like how the detail of the center image turned out.

tribal images
tribal images

Above are a few of the tribal images. I wanted to do more of them, but ran out of time before I had to leave. Again these are cherry with the exception of the lower center which is curly maple.

Hobbit Door
Hobbit Door

Above is a custom image submitted by a backer (not on the page below yet) on curly maple.

Two dragons. Upper left in curly maple, lower right in cedar. Cedar takes a pretty good burn and is one of the more popular woods to get engravings.

I hope to get some more up once I get back. I've used cherry and maple because, honestly, I've made the most in these woods. I'll get some other woods represented soon.

Hrothgar's Hoard returns with its fourth Kickstarter Project. Previous projects have brought you the Rogue and Priest cases, the Wizard's Dice Tower, and the Warrior's Chest. Now, Hrothgar's Hoard is proud to introduce the Bard and Monk cases!


The Bard gaming class (or Skald as Hrothgar likes to call it) is the jack-of-all-trades of the gaming world. He has some fighting skills, some thievery skills and even a little magic. 

Likewise, the Bard case is a jack-of-all-trades. Its hexagonal shape is perfect for portability; more compact than the Rogue miniature case. 

 Inside, foam is laser-cut giving you space to place three 28mm miniatures plus a couple larger cut-outs where you can store either larger miniatures or a set of dice. 

 Finally, the case is held together using 1/2" rare-earth magnets which allows you to remove the top, take out the foam and use one-half of the case as a dice tray. 

  Portability, miniature and dice storage, and a dice tray. The Bard brings multiple functions to your game while taking up just a small space at the table. 


Dedicated. Focused. From the moment the monk awakes, he devotes himself to the perfection of whatever he pursues. 

 The Monk case is a hexagonal dice case milled from a single piece of wood. It measures only about 3.6" across, but don't let the size fool you. This case will bring your favorite set of dice with you no matter where you are going.

 In fact, the deceptively small case will hold two full sets of dice.

 Small enough to fit in your pocket, yet the solid wood construction holds great strength and a clear finish shows the wood's natural beauty. The Monk is simple, dedicated, and elegant.


There have been many attempts in the recent past of people making gaming accessories out of wood. Some are laser-cut and then put together with the hope that friction will keep the object together. Some use new or traditional jointery which can look beautiful, but can wear down with the constant travel. Hrothgar's Hoard instead uses a concept of construction where a single piece of wood is shaped, routed, and finished...all without using joints. A solid piece of wood has no joints that can break, it relies on the strength and highlights the natural beauty of the wood. Hrothgar's Hoard avoids using glues that can otherwise mar a beautiful finish. It only uses clear-finishes on its products: never stains or oils that change the color of the wood. And Hrothgar's Hoard hand waxes every piece, making sure that it matches up to the high standards you should expect.


To keep the pledge system streamlined, there are only a few pledge tiers.

HELPER - $1 or more. This pledge is for the backer who wants to show support, but may not be interested in a case right now, or someone who knows they want something and is willing to wait until the end of the project to figure out what he/she wants. The HELPER tier can choose from any of the unlocks to ADD-ON, but will not have promotional choices available to him. For example, at the end of projects, I traditionally sell "misfit bundles"; cases that are functional, but not up to the quality I want. These bundles will not be available to backers who pledge at the HELPER level.

KWAI CHANG CAINE - $25 or more. This pledge is for the backer who is interested in purchasing a single MONK case or multiple cases that will not total over $100. The $25 pledge level gets you a MONK case in COMMON wood. If you want other woods, please consult the pricing chart to make sure that you pledge the correct amount. The KWAI CHANG CAINE tier can choose from any of the unlocks to ADD-ON, but will not have promotional choices available to him. 

SKALD - $40 or more. This pledge is for the backer who is interested in purchasing a single BARD case or multiple cases that will not total over $100. The $40 pledge level gets you a BARD case in COMMON wood. If you want other woods, please consult the pricing chart to make sure that you pledge the correct amount. The SKALD tier can choose from any of the unlocks to ADD-ON, but will not have promotional choices available to him.

PREMIUM BACKER - $100 or more. This pledge is for the backer whose total desired pledge rewards are in excess of $100. At the PREMIUM BACKER tier, you will be able to choose from any of the ADD-ON unlocks. Additionally, the PREMIUM BACKER will be able to take advantage of any promotional offers (such as misfit bundles) that are unlocked.

RETAILER LEVEL 1 - $500 or more. In order to back at this level, you must be a retailer. You will need to provide me with your business information. Backers at this level will have access to a special module in the Backerkit survey giving you wholesale pricing on all Hrothgar's Hoard items. Email me for details at This level is not eligible for promotional offers.  Shipping charges will apply.

RETAILER LEVEL 2 - $1,000 or more. In order to back at this level, you must be a retailer. You will need to provide me with your business information. Backers at this level will have access to a special module in the Backerkit survey giving you wholesale pricing on all Hrothgar's Hoard items. Email me for details at This level is not eligible for promotional offers. Shipping charges will apply.

MAD GNOME - $2,000 or more. This pledge tier is for a non-retail backer who really wants to take advantage of items from Hrothgar's Hoard. You will receive wholesale pricing on the complete line of Hrothgar's Hoard items. Shipping charges will apply.


Wood selection will be broken down into 6 tiers:  common, uncommon, rare, very rare, legendary, and artifact. As woods types are unlocked, they will be placed in their appropriate tier. If all unlock goals are met, then there will be over 70 species of wood available for you to choose from.

If you don't know what a wood looks like and want to see a picture of it, please see this web page Please note that this is not Hrothgar's Hoard's web page. This is simple a web page by a business that did an excellent job at creating a wood library. Please do not contact Keim Lumber and ask them about this project; they will have no idea what you are talking about.


Laser-art can be added to any case for an add-on fee of $10 per image. Below are the images available for both the Bard and the Monk cases. Images below are public domain images.

Hrothgar's Hoard is also giving you, it's backers, a chance to have your own artwork engraved on to your cases. To submit your artwork, and to read the rules and conditions of this opportunity, please see my webpage at:

 Opening a Case

At Gen Con, there was a little confusion on how to open the cases. The magnets are relatively strong, and the BARD case is fairly large unless you have large hands, so there was some dice flying on occasion. The trick to opening the case is to rotate the top slightly and THEN try to pull apart. Here is a video to help you out.